Public Welfare
Care for Special Children
Covey the warm and kind spirit in the animation world and spread happiness to the special kids.
Animation Museum
Stimulate kid's?interest in scientific exploration?via novel and unique digital animation immersive interactive experience.
Care for Pets
Concerned about?the harmonious coexistence of humans and?animals, and helping the pets find their home.
Play&Learn with GG Bond
We go to remote mountainous areas to help left-behind children grow up healthily and happily by carrying out various games and sports for them.
Talents Support
Support for Young Animation Artists
Winsing Young Animation Artists Supportive Plan is held by Winsing’s Film Department and Iron Fan Studio, which aims to realize your creative dreams via animation technology. The plan explores?the integration and development of artistic creativity and animation technology, and endeavors to find and cultivate talents with excellent creativity?by providing resources of professional diagnosis, technical support?and publicity.
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