Title :GOGOBUS S10

Format:?26 x 13'

Target:? 3-6 yrs

Highlight: Daily Fun, Friendship, Explore

Category:?3D Animated series

Production Year(s):?2022

Synopsis: On the brand-new study tour, in addition to GOGOBUS in the latest model, there are DuDu, keen on GG Bond, cute Pandy, naughty Bobby, clever Kyle, little princess CiCi and careless teacher, Mili. They form Sunshine Study Tour Group, starting to travel around the world. On this wonderful journey, they visit lots of amazing scenery, including strange stone forests, tea gardens, vast wheat fields and unique human landscapes. What’s more, they are also close to various animals and plants. Especially, via manual classes with materials in nature, they master more useful living skills.
Animation TV
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