Create Core Facilities for the Metaverse with?Cusomized Solutions
YMeta Studio is a subordinate virtual IP innovation studio under Winsing that specializes in the creation and operation of hyper-realistic digital humans. The studio is competent in producing innovative hyper-realistic virtual content and mass production. YMeta possesses a well-developed production line of virtual content and multiple solutions for virtual human applications, all for bringing a higher quality of entertainment to the metaverse.?
Hyper-realistic Virtual IP Creation and Operation
The studio is competent in virtual IP creation and project delivery of CG and animation effectively and massively. Its virtual humans can perform virtual live streams, virtual performances, and other multiple marketing scenarios.?
  • Virtual IP Creation
  • Virtual Content Production and Operation
  • Virtual Human Marketing Scenario Application
Virtual IP Ecology
CICI: Hyper-realistic AI & Digital Human
As a fashion influencer in the metaverse, Cici has signed a strategic partnership agreement with a listed company to endorse its cultural tourism project and is currently filming a promotional video. As a contracted model for a leading designer, Cici will be presenting a highly anticipated collection for the designer at the Beijing International Fashion Week show. Meanwhile, Cici is also in talks with several well-known car companies, beauty brands and clothing brands for co-branding.
Ben: CG Avatar
In the physical world, Ben is the founder of Winsing Animation, a camera-phobic. In the metaverse, he speaks eloquently to the camera, endorsing Winsing Animation, educating on the knowledge and principles of computer 3D imaging, and sharing Winsing's latest entertainment projects and technological developments.
Fat Ju: Digital Pet
 In the physical world, it is someone's fur baby.

In the metaverse, it is everyone's fur baby.
Mewtations: Virtual Band
Kit is the leader of the Mewtations and a pop icon. He is against authority and prefers to trust his instincts. In the story, he struggles to find a balance while respecting others around him and fulfilling his dream.
Core Technology
20 years of experience in animation CG production
With a CG production team of over 500 people and an annual output of 5,000 minutes of animation content, Winsing has accumulated a huge amount of animation parameters and effectively managed a huge amount of digital assets, building a benchmark?for the mass production of virtual content in the metaverse in advance.?
Self-developed CG animation creation software, combining model, animation, material and VFX functions in one. This allows for a seamless connection with hyper-realistic artists.
Intelligent Nodes
Self-developed intelligent management software for the whole process of CG animation production, full process management of digital assets and footage, intelligent and data-based production management, and support for multi-team collaboration.
AI-driven Digital Human Interactive System
With the goal of a hyper-realistic interactive experience, there is a gradual transition from a combination of real-life and AI-driven to AI-driven.
Digital Human Interaction Application Scenarios
YMETA COFFEE is the first hyper-realistic digital human offline experience cafe in China, integrating virtual human interaction experience and offline consumption scenario. The shop manager is a one-to-one replica of BEN2, a virtual avatar based on the chairman of Winsing Animation, where people can break the boundaries of physical space, link to the virtual world to achieve "inter-dimensional" interaction and experience a cup of "metaverse" coffee, making this place a must-see for Z-Generation.
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